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Community: Reseller Series Part 2

If you're thinking of becoming an online seller or reseller, I recommend participating in a seller community, regardless of which platform you choose to sell with.

I sell on Poshmark, eBay, and Mercari, and my sales rank in that order. I could probably change that hierarchy if I put more hours into the sites where my sales are quieter, but I happen to like the UX of Poshmark. Also: They have the best built-in community where you can find the answers to all of your questions and get advice from other sellers.

My two BFFs while creating new listings: a lint roller and garment measuring tape.

Let's talk Posh first. Guide to Poshmark, FAQs, and Support & Help are permanent fixtures in the Poshmark menu. Since you can get all the information you need out of these links, I won't try to cram unnecessary info into this post. Just know that if you have any questions about how Posh works, the answers will always be simple to find.

The obvious question you're asking is: How much do they take? 20% of your sale price. If you're thinking that's a lot, you're not wrong, but keep in mind that you're getting access to millions of shoppers by using Posh, and other reseller platforms take just as much after all the here-and-there fees are completed. Just keep the 20% commission in mind when you price your items. I always price 20%-50% higher than what I would take for an item. My advice is not to get married to the concept of making a ton of money off items you think are super great. An item's worth is only what someone is willing to pay for it. If you take the approach of "letting go," decluttering, and selling a lot, and you'll be more satisfied than if you hold out to sell a few things for big money.

I also like the Reddit page, r/Poshmark. ("Like" is an intentional choice of words–there are some annoying characters posting there, but in general I think it can be very useful for new sellers.) If you don't know what Reddit is, it's the oldest online forum community. Anyone can join for free and post on their message boards to ask or answer questions, share or debate opinions, offer advice, connect over shared experiences, etc. There is a dedicated Reddit board for everything. Recently I learned there's one for photos of bread stapled to trees. I don't desire to look any further for strange Reddits.

Finally, of course, I'm happy to answer your questions. And there are plenty of sellers/bloggers more established than me who share information online. You can search for them on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Some I like are:






I'm keeping this one short, but I will cover topics like pricing strategy, taking your photos, and shipping in future posts. What do you want to know? Leave a comment!

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